Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back to School Sales

I'm happy to report that the buyers are back! Summer can be a slow time on eBay, but the end of July starts to heat up in more ways then one.  Back to school shoppers are looking for deals but people are still looking for summer gear too since the retail stores are sold out of summer merchandise.

For instance, these Ralph Lauren swim trunks just sold for $129.   Check out this Victoria's Secret swimsuit that just sold for $110.00.  The seller says "sold out in stores and online"!  I've used that line before even though I purchased the item the day before at a retail store.   Don't be fooled, you can often find "sold out" items in stores.

It's a great time to purchase summer merchandise on clearance. You can either hold it until spring of 2012 or if you have an eBay store, put it in there and hold out for your price. If you ship internationally your summer things may fly out of your store in the winter.

Hopefully while you're out hunting for summer bargains, your fall and winter stuff is selling out of your eBay store.  For me, I'm selling both winter and summer at the same time.  Last night someone bought these kid's boots:

The day before someone bought these summer shoes:

This is why I like to keep all seasons of merchandise in my store. You never know what will sell!

Back to school is a very busy time on eBay.  People are looking for a good deal or for a hottie that they can't find in stores.  If you have kids, you need to sort last year's outgrown clothing ASAP and get it listed. Personally, I like to list small lots of items; I find that Gap jeans are hot sellers in sets of 2 to 4 pairs.  Last year I was able to sell my son's jeans that he outgrew for $50 when I put them in a lot of 4.  Not bad for something that we can no longer use.
Obviously backpacks and school bags are popular sellers.  I listed this L.L. Bean backpack the other day and it sold in a few hours. I guess I should have listed it for more! I only paid $2 for it and sold it for $20.

Whatever the item, get it listed because it won't sell if it's not listed! I just purchased a large lot of items from a friend that was moving, so I'll be listing right along with you.

Happy selling,


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