Thursday, March 17, 2011

This One Takes The Cake ~ Cake Pan That Is!

Have your cake and eat it too...or at least you can afford to buy a great cake if you find some hot Wilton cake pans!

Sorry for the puns, but I've been giddy ever since I sold my Mickey and Minnie Wilton cake pans the other day. Here's my photo:

Last week I responded to a post on Craigslist; a woman was selling a bunch of Wilton cake pans for $3 each. I reviewed her list and picked out 8 pans that I wanted, including Mickey and Minnie. So last Thursday I drove 45 minutes and spent $25 for 8 big pans, a few mini pans, and a bunch of other stuff that she threw in.  I photographed and listed Mickey and Minnie as a pair on Sunday, and on Tuesday morning they sold for $139.99! Well worth the drive even in the pouring rain!

I also scored The Little Mermaid, which is very hard to find. I have her listed here  for $69.99. I also got a 3D Winnie the Pooh, which I have listed for $64.99:

Some of the pans that I bought only sell for $25, but they are easy to ship; they usually fit into a Priority Mail "shirt" box (1095).  Still a nice price for something that only cost $3.

You can often find Wilton cake pans at yard sales for $1 or $2.  I'm always searching Craigslist for them too, and it's usually the 2nd thing that I look for at a thrift store (toys being first).  Here are some of the top sellers to watch out for:
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Star Wars (their are several different SW pans)
  • Mystical Dragon
  • Super Mario
  • Shirt
  • Crawling Baby
  • Motorcycle
  • Playboy Bunny
  • Large number pans (full set)
One final note, even if you buy some "duds", you can always sell them in a lot. Check out completed items and you'll see that Wilton cake pans are popular!

Happy Selling,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Online Selling Forums ~ A Great Way To Learn More

I fell in love with selling on eBay the minute I made my first sale. At the time is was only a hobby, but I couldn't stop talking about it. When I became a more serious seller, I think I was getting on everyone's nerves because it was the 2nd topic of conversation, right after I told them all about my new baby boy!

One thing that I really yearned for was other eBay sellers to chat with and to trade ideas. The eBay discussion boards can be informative but I find them full of snarky people with a negative attitude toward eBay in general.

Then a friend referred me to Here Comes The Stork (HCTS) and I joined immedately. It is a selling forum like no other. I've made many friends, learned of many, many hot items, and took my sales to a whole new level after joining. The best part is that it's busy!! Have you ever joined a forum only to find that people rarely post anything? This site is HOT!

The members sell a wide variety of items from baby toys to collectibles. The focus is more on children's items, toys, and clothing but we also talk about jewelry, hand-made items, and just about anything else that you can sell on eBay and Amazon.

I learned how to sell on Amazon from HCTS, I learn about opening an eBay store, and I learned how profitable plush toys are years before the self-proclaimed Queen of Auctions started to tout their income potential.  That's just the tip of the iceberg.  When I'm feeling down about anything, it immediately cheers me up to visit HCTS. Sorry if that sounds sappy but it's true!

If you love to sell online and want to be able to chat about it, vent about it, learn what sells and what's better to donate, then you might consider joining Here Comes The Stork.  I'm a life-time member and visit the site several times a day.  It feels a lot like a family :-).

Here Comes The Stork-Your Guide to Selling Online!

Happy Selling,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who Would Have Thought...

Let's talk about some odd items that you probably would have never given a second thought and may have walked right past.  Now I'm not talking about some of the fetish items selling on eBay that make many of us squeamish, but some items that you'd find at a yard sale, thrift store or ...... your uncle's house.

Frisbee anyone?  My husband's uncle gave us a couple of old Frisbees, which made me think "who saves this stuff"??  Well when I looked up completeds, I was glad that he did!

Check out this listing (not mine) for a Frisbee that sold for $112.  And if you find an older one that wasn't opened, well check this out... it sold for $250!   Unfortunately the ones from Uncle K were not worth nearly as much, but I did get $16.99 for one similar to this:

And the other one sold for around $30. Not exactly a big hunk of change, but my motto with eBay is that it all adds up. I got the Frisbees for free, so the $47 just added to my bottom line.

Of course it's hard for me to write without mentioning yet another doll. I'm sure my friend Cindy over at Girls Horse Clothing has been waiting for a Chucky doll post!

Yes, Chucky, that creepy character from the horror films is popular!

Here are completeds. Many that have recently sold are new in the box, but when I researched him around Halloween, used Chucky dolls were selling for up to $100.

I'd love to hear about your "you've got to be kidding" item that you have seen or sold on eBay! Please share your story in the comments below.

Happy selling,