Monday, April 27, 2015

Shipping Cost Issues Alert!

I use eBay shipping labels for all of my eBay packages. Several times this month I have noticed that the postage seemed really high for Priority Mail. As a Top Rated Seller, I get a discount on shipping; when you ship a heavier package via Priority Mail within your zone, the discount can be up to 45% which is a big savings. 

This morning I was shipping a package in my zone and the shipping for Priority Mail seemed really high. I hopped over to Paypal and found that my hunch was right.  eBay wanted to charge $11.15 for my 3 pound package only 1 state away.  Paypal shipping was $5.20. This was not a flat-rate price either.  I don't know how the system came up with a price of $11.15 which is a lot higher then the price that I would have paid if I would have purchased shipping inside a post office. 

I have been told that the issue has been reported and not ETA for the fix. Just wanted to let my readers know about this glitch that could cost you a lot of money if you're not careful.

Happy Selling,