Friday, February 3, 2012

A Whole Lot of Panic Going On! Plus VHS Tapes

I am a member of several eBay related selling groups and I am hearing a lot of panic from sellers that just received their 1099 from Paypal.

Normally I wouldn't write a blog post about the same thing twice in a row, but I decided that sellers really need to take action so the same thing doesn't happen this time next year.

If you didn't keep good records last year, don't make the same mistake this year. Visit Easy Auctions Tracker and purchase a spreadsheet so you can track your sales, profits, inventory and more.   Truly it will save you hours of time and reduce your stress level.  I don't know of anyone that likes to file their taxes, so the easier you can make it for yourself the better.  Easy Auction Tracker pulls in all of your eBay sales information including the shipping amount that you charged, the actual cost of shipping, the buyers information, date of purchase, date shipped, and so much more.  You can keep track of your inventory, your mileage, and track any sales that you took on consignment. You only need to input the cost that you paid for your items. Do it now!

On to selling, lately I've been buying blank *sealed* VHS tapes if I can get them pretty cheap.  I sell them in lots of 7 or 8 for $25 to $30 depending on the brand.  The prices will likely rise as they become harder to find. 

In addition, if you research VHS in completed sales, you'll find that Horror movies do pretty good! I have a friend that specializes in VHS horror movies, and he'll buy them for .25 each and puts a lot of 4 to 8 together (depending on subject) and sell them for $20 to $40 a lot. 

If you can find the more rare horror videos made by Unicorn Video or Big Box Video you can get $40 to $50 per tape if they are in the original clamshell case.  Right now not much is showing in completed items, but around Halloween they are hot little sellers.  Take a minute to browse the VHS section at thrift stores and yard sales and flea markets.

Happy Selling (and record keeping),