Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who Would Have Thought...

Let's talk about some odd items that you probably would have never given a second thought and may have walked right past.  Now I'm not talking about some of the fetish items selling on eBay that make many of us squeamish, but some items that you'd find at a yard sale, thrift store or ...... your uncle's house.

Frisbee anyone?  My husband's uncle gave us a couple of old Frisbees, which made me think "who saves this stuff"??  Well when I looked up completeds, I was glad that he did!

Check out this listing (not mine) for a Frisbee that sold for $112.  And if you find an older one that wasn't opened, well check this out... it sold for $250!   Unfortunately the ones from Uncle K were not worth nearly as much, but I did get $16.99 for one similar to this:

And the other one sold for around $30. Not exactly a big hunk of change, but my motto with eBay is that it all adds up. I got the Frisbees for free, so the $47 just added to my bottom line.

Of course it's hard for me to write without mentioning yet another doll. I'm sure my friend Cindy over at Girls Horse Clothing has been waiting for a Chucky doll post!

Yes, Chucky, that creepy character from the horror films is popular!

Here are completeds. Many that have recently sold are new in the box, but when I researched him around Halloween, used Chucky dolls were selling for up to $100.

I'd love to hear about your "you've got to be kidding" item that you have seen or sold on eBay! Please share your story in the comments below.

Happy selling,

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  1. I guess my ears were burning! I checked in on your blog and found you'd mentioned me! I'm smiling from ear to ear!

    You are right. I never would have thought Frisbee were ever anything but junk. I must not have a knack for noticing which "junk" to check out, as I rarely come across anything that surprises me in this way. The only thing that comes to mind is Build a Bear Clothing hangers. They did not sell for gobs of money.. but they had so much interest I put them to auction, and ended up with over 1$ per hanger! (yes, those cardboard hangers that the clothes come on)