Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blank Cassette Tapes Are Hot!

I never would have guessed that people would want audio cassette tapes 30+ years after they were replaced by the compact disc.

When I'm at a thrift store I always look for blank audio cassettes that are still sealed in the package.  Even if what I find isn't the hottest type, I still grab them to sell in a lot if the price is low enough.

Last July I was at a church rummage sale and found this box of sealed cassette tapes for .10 each for this box of  9.  I listed my 90-cent investment at fixed price for $69.99 and they sold in a few days!

There are a lot of different cassette tapes. Honestly, I know very little about the types but I will share what information I have found.

Some of the brands to look for are:
  • TDK
  • Maxell
  • Sony
  • JVC
  • BASF
There are other brands also but the above seems to be the most popular.

After the brand name, you'll find the letters that tell you the type of tape:
  • MA - Metal Alloy considered the best by many users
  • AR - Acoustic Response
  • D- Dynamic
  • DX - ?
  • HD - High Density
  • SF- Super Fidelity
There are lots of other types; each brand has uses different letters and descriptions. Even some of the tape experts don't know all of the meanings!

The Bias:
  • Type I - Normal Bias
  • Type II - Chrome High Bias
  • Type IV - Metal
  • Type III is obsolete

I've heard that the best tapes are the IV or metal tapes. However, it really depends on the needs of the user and the equipment that they are using for recordings. 

Some tapes do very well like the TDK MA series where you can get up to $100 for a single cassette. Others types like the TDK D60 don't go for very much even in large lots.

Your best bet is too review the eBay completed items to see what is selling or use your smart phone to check out what you've found.

Lastly don't walk past that table of electronic at the flea markets. The Sony Walkman cassette players from the 1980s can sell upward of $150.  I had this  Sony Walkman when I was a teenage. If you read the description it sold for $79.95 and doesn't even power on!

So get your 80's groove on and look for those cassette tapes and players!

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  1. Oh my gosh. I just threw out a Sony Walkman last month. Figured it was completely out-dated. That goes to show ... I did come across some blank tapes and I think I did keep those. I will have to check the types and see if they are of any value. Thanks for the tips.

  2. I think I have some blank tapes in my piles of stuff in the garage ... I will have to go digging if we get iced in this week!

  3. Wow, who knew! I have some blank cassettes sitting around that will probably never get used because my husband wrote a song and wanted it recorded on cassette tape and cd "just in case".

    Glennette Goodbread
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  4. Wow, great to know. Question - do you worry if they will not work when they are old, yet new in package?

  5. No, I never worry about that, they would have to be cracked which you should feel through the packaging.

  6. Great, thanks. I thought maybe they could melt.

  7. Great Post! Thanks for sharing this info!

    Happy eBaying,

  8. Thanks for the wonderful tip!!

  9. Amazing, because of all your great articles my relatives are going to start calling me a Hoarder! :)