Friday, March 20, 2015

Organize NOW for the 2015 Tax Year! Free Download!

Whenever I work on my taxes, a task that I hate more than spiders, I realize how lucky I am to have a great system in place.  I remember many years ago it was so hard, I tried to make my own spreadsheet but since I'm not an expert in Excel, I failed miserably.

Thankfully, I found Easy Auction Tracker, which was developed by an eBay seller and it was exactly what I needed.  It imports all the information, so I no longer had to input anything except the price that I paid for my items. 

Every year the developers add even more great features like expense tracking, consignment tracking, Profit and Loss statements, sales tax calculations and more.

Right now they are offering a FREE trial so download it today!  It will pull in all of your sales from January, February and March of 2015.  This offer ends on March 31, so do it NOW!  Why not try it for free? - Ultimate eBay Spreadsheet

In addition to taxes, this spreadsheet will show you what you are actually profiting on each item that you sell.  Think that buying an item for $1 and selling it for $10 is giving you about $9? Think again, especially with the new Spring Seller Update that was just release.  You must pay attention to the fees that you are paying!  That item you sold for $10, you netted just over $6 assuming that you didn't offer free shipping. If you shipped it First Class for free (assuming $3.50), now you only made about $3.  How long did it take you to research, clean, photograph, list and ship? If it took you 15 minutes, then you're making about $12 an hour before taxes, packaging materials, utilities and the time you spent shopping.

This is offer is only good until the end of the month. eBay only stores your previous sales for the last 3 months, so don't wait! Would it be nice to be organized and ready for Uncle Sam this time next year?

Happy Selling,


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